Since i am a gamer myself, scoring a game is the most interesting task i could think of. Arousing Characters with unique sounds, telling emotional stories and scare the player with tense, epic boss themes is getting me excited as hell.


Looking for a company related piece of music to support your marketing? Providing you with experience and a vast variety of genres, i´ll tailor your company´s sound to spotlight your product with an individual soundscape.


Pictures are telling strong stories and display amazing characters. I´m complementing your movie by increasing the emotional depth, composing character themes and creating ambient atmospheres.


I am a musician from head to toes and this is what i do in my spare time :) Producing and arranging crossgenre for several artists and starting projects on my own.


You are looking for a sound that substantiates your company´s identity? Audio Branding is a big marketing tool nowadays and can help building your public image. I´ll provide you with experience and knowledge, from planning to the finished product.